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Sophos AvaliaÁ„o

Sophos is definitely a security company that lies below the radar, you might not have even heard of them before. Well, they have in fact been around since 1985 (32 years) and was founded in the UK by Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer. They predominantly develop solutions for 100 to 5000 seat organisations but have also developed a package called Sophos Home for standard consumers.

Sophos AvaliaÁ„o

Sophos Compatibilidade

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Sophos Fiabilidade e SeguranÁa

PC Mag give Sophos Home a 4/5 star review, which beats McAfee’s Internet Security 2017 by 0.5 but is 0.5 short of Norton’s solution. So, going for Sophos will get you a solid mid-range antivirus that’s reviewed better than McAfee. Sounds good? Well yes, it’s a great antivirus, seems smooth and best of all it cost’s nothing.

Teste independente de detecção de malware

Sophos Funcionalidades

The features of Sophos Home are advertised clearly and are as follows: Stop all types of malicious software, block unwanted web content and phishing attacks, easily manage computers located everywhere and anywhere and that it works on Windows PCs and Macs. They don’t boast any over-the-top features but what can you expect from a free solution? It’s a solid antivirus with basic tools for a massive $0.

Sophos ServiÁo de Apoio ao Cliente

Sophos’ support community is full of FAQs and Forums and if you’re looking to purchase a suite (business users) you can get in contact with a sales team fairly quickly. However Sophos Home support is limited, you still get access to the support community and live chat, but if you’re one of those people who likes to pick up the phone to speak to someone, you may have to go through live chat first. Not always a bad thing, as a lot of queries can get answer much quicker through this vertical.