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Adaware AvaliaÁ„o

Adaware is another unpopular security suite and you may not have even heard of it. At the start of their journey in 1999 they developed a program to highlight web beacons inside of internet explorer. By 2008 they had developed a new package which included an antivirus scanner based on the Avira Engine. Their latest release has been completely re-vamped to the point it has nothing in common with the predecessors apart from the core functionalities.

Adaware AvaliaÁ„o

Adaware Compatibilidade

Apple Mac

Adaware Fiabilidade e SeguranÁa

There isn’t a great deal of information on Adaware that you’ll find on the web but PC Mag has reviewed it and have given them a 3.5/5, not the best by a long stretch of the imagination, but also not the worst. The interface is attractive, it seems to block a whole host of relatively new bad URLs and the feature list for both paid packages is pretty generous. However, their previous version of the software scored better in malware-blocking tests, so maybe they’ve concentrated too much on making it look good and forgotten about the most important aspect, security.

Teste independente de detecção de malware

Adaware Funcionalidades

Both paid packages come with a whole host of features from real-time protection and web protection to shopping/banking protection and email protection, if you’re lucky enough to get their total security you’ll also get a file shredder, parental controls and even a digital locking system which allows you to encrypt important files.

Adaware ServiÁo de Apoio ao Cliente

Support looks very basic, no obvious signs of live chat or telephone support. However, you do get the usual FAQs/Forum support. This can be enough for some people who are computer witty but you can’t compare this to picking up the phone or connecting to a real person on live chat. Adaware, you need to up your support game!